Hi, I'm Simon Magrin and I have a passion for IT, but lacking in web development as you can see.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, the infancy of my career began in retail, computer repairs and IT help desk. My interests grew in endpoint, infrastructure and when virtualization was all the rage; I initially gained exposure to VMware in the early days and after changing jobs, it was mostly Hyper-V.

When cloud computing and something-as-a-service was the next big thing, naturally I delved into this path, where my day-to-day mostly consists of administering Azure and Office 365. I still enjoy managing endpoints, networking, infrastructure and everything else in between.

Understanding the ever-evolving changes in technology while articulating it to different stakeholders, implementing and administering new systems, project management and interacting with people is what keeps me excited.

Above this, it’s getting people embracing and using technology that makes it all worth wild.