SCCM Troubleshooting

Software Update Point error:

Software Update Point error: "Sync failed: UssNotFound: WebException: The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.". Check the following:

  1. WSUS:
  • Check that the WSUS role is installed and functional, ie: can it fetch updates?
  • Can listen on the correct ports (8530/8531)?
  • Does IIS have the right SSL certificate binding, best use 'SMS Token Signing Certificate' for HTTPS on SCCM
  • Is it synchronizing to Microsoft Update Services or another WSUS?

Read more here.

  1. Software Update Point role:
  • Is the role installed and communicating to WSUS on 8530/8531?
  • Is the SUP role communicating to WSUS using credentials?
  • Under WSUS, Is WSUS use a proxy when it shouldn’t?

Failed to distribute content to DP's:

Grant SCCM Admin access under 'Network Access Account'. Read more here.

Ensure under IIS 'Windows Auth.' and 'IIS 6 WMI Compatibility' is enabled. Read more here.

Getting the 'Task Sequence fails with "There are no task sequences available for this computer':

Firstly, delete any duplicate computers or 'Unknown' computers under 'All Systems'.

Create a Device Collection to include 'All Systems' and 'All Unknown Computers', update the list and target the task sequence to this Device Collection.

Getting 0x80070002 Error 'Applying Operating System' Task Sequence:

Use HTTP and allow anonymous connections under the 'Distribution point' properties. Reade more here.

For HTTPS connectivity to SCCM, ensure that you select the 'SMS Token Signing Certificate' in the 'Default Web Site' binding for 443.

Also, under Software Library > Operating Systems > Operating System Images > right-click (YourImage) > Properties, and on the [Data Access] tab, ensure the 'Copy the content in this package...' is ticked. Reade more here.

Enable 'Access content directly from the distribution point' under 'Apply Operating System' within the Task Sequence. Read more here.

Alternatively, update the permissions of the 'Software Distribution' from 'computer account' to the SCCM Admin or an account that has access to the 'SMSPKGC$' share. Reade more here.

Automatic Deployment Rules (Windows 10 Serving / Servicing Plans) - Failed to download the update from internet. Error = 5    SMS_RULE_ENGINE:

Ensure the Deployment Package has the appropriate Share and NTFS permissions. Reade more here.

Newly created user/Computer objects not appearing:

Not sure if it's a delay/timing issue, but noticed users/computer objects would only appear in the SCCM console after;

Enable File and Print (SMB-In) as SCCM requires both Local Administrator (Domain Admins count) as access to the admin$ share of all endpoints to install the SCCM client and tools. Failing that;

  1. Enabling both User and Computer discovery groups under Administration > Hierarchy Configuration > Discovery Methods
  2. Double-clicking either discovery method > Properties > tick 'Enable AD System Discovery' and specifying the container(s)
  3. Right-click either discovery method > 'Run Full Discovery Now' and 'Refresh'
  4. Reverse Step 2, removing the specified containers
  5. Both user/computer objects now appear...

Client Install failing to install:

  1. For the sake of troubleshooting, disable 'Domain' firewall at both the client and server - make necessary exception after.
  2. Change protocol from HTTPS to HTTP under;

Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > right-click site [100] > Properties > Client Computer Configuration > Site system settings > HTTPS or HTTP

  1. Change Client installation parameters for ccmsetup.exe;

Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > right-click site [100] > Client Installation Settings > Client Push Installation > Installation Properties;


  1. Make sure you've install all IIS roles as per the installation guide - if in doubt, select all components
  2. Restart the SCCM server and retest