Azure Migrate: Server Migration

Azure Migrate: Server Migration allows you to migrate both physical and virtual machines from either VMware and Hyper-V platforms on premise into Azure.

There are three parts to this; creating a migrate project in Azure, creating an Azure Site Recovery (ASR) host on site to manage the migrations, and migrate the hosts using Recovery Services vault.

Azure Site Recovery Provider is different to Azure Migrate as it's purpose is to provide fail-over/fail-back between on premise and Azure, and can also be used to migrate VM’s hosted on Hyper-V or VMware Hypervisors using Recovery Service vault into Azure; Azure Migrate is used for migrate both physical and virtual servers.

  1. In the Azure Portal, open ‘Azure Migrate’ > ‘Server’s blade > ‘Add a tool’ and create a Migrate project, choose the nearest region, choose 'Azure Migrate: Server Migration' for both ‘Select assessment tool’ and ‘Select migration tool’ options
  2. Once tool is provisioned, select 'Discover' > Not virtualized/other' and select local region
  3. Provision a new VM on premise in advanced with ample resources
  4. While the VM is provisioning, download the 'Azure Site Recovery' installer along with the key
  5. Domain-join the newly provisioned VM, using Domain Admin credentials, proceed the ASR installer
  6. Once ASR has installed, capture the Paraphrase key
  7. The ASR Configuration dialog will appear, provide the Project name, Domain Admin credentials and downloaded key
  8. After several minutes, the ASR should register with the Migrate Project
  9. Like Recovery Services vault, create the replication requirements.